Gone are the days of wandering into a travel agent to book your holiday for you. We now have a wealth of resources right at our finger tips and we are all quickly becoming our very own travel agent. Though if you are new to the self-planning-holiday scene exactly where to begin can be a little daunting. So with this in mind I am offering you the 11 key factors I consider… Read More

Sometimes I swear there is a guardian angel looking out for me. I have to believe someone is because how I managed to survive my completely unplanned trip to Cuba is beyond me at this point. My first stint actually travelling totally solo since I started travelling some 8 months ago I had made some extremely naïve assumptions about this country, of which I essentially knew nothing. Carrying in my box of… Read More

I am not even going to start this piece by pretending I understand this in any way shape or form. Economy, business and law are by no means a strong point of mine. However even if I don’t overly understand the ‘why?’ I most certainly do understand the repercussions for travel… Now is the time to travel in Argentina

As I sit here and reflect on some of my poor choices for this week, namely not having researched how to obtain a visa to enter Paraguay BEFORE booking international flights out of said country and instead I now wait here in Argentina longer than I anticipated. I can’t help but feel despite the dramatic ending, that I just LOVE Argentina. It’s the perfect mix of South American culture with great food and… Read More