My very first stop some 2.5 years ago when heading off abroad was to pole dancing camp in the Caribbean. I arrived solo and was very quickly taken in by possibly the world’s nicest person and subsequently the camps organizer, Krystal. She swiftly introduced me to the two token English girls knowing I would soon be making my move to live in England and to the surprise of us all another girl… Read More

A little over 3 years ago as I made my way through the riots in La Paz, Bolivia, I muttered to myself that I despised this country so much I would never return. My last visit to Bolivia introduced me to what I am sure are the worlds rudest people and put simply a filthy country which is out to get you. After having tours cancelled due to killing of locals/tourists in… Read More

They say they you don’t really get to know someone until you travel or live with them. Yet often when planning a trip away, the person (or people) who will accompany us receives very little thought. A good friend or even a best friend does not always translate into a good travel buddy*. The more time I spend on the road, the more horror stories I hear about travel ruining friendships. I… Read More