Coming into my 12th month of consecutive travel has meant I have observed an array of emotions. At times I feel on top of the world and soaring high, whilst other times the thought of moving myself on to the next destination leaves me in actual tears. Sometime during my 8th month of travel I made the ridiculous statement about how I was surprised I wasn’t ‘over it’ yet. Within a week… Read More

Hello my name is Chloe. I was born in Melbourne, Australia, although I have not lived there for almost 3 years. I have been living out of a backpack for 6 months. I am an outgoing introvert. I am travelling solo, yet I have not been alone for 1 day since I departed London some 6 months ago. I am suffocating.

There are times in life where learning from our own experiences is crucial to our growth and development. And there are times where it is a little bit easier to just learn from other peoples mistakes. So here are the top 13 travel tips i.e. my mistakes that you can learn from before you jet set off to South America.