As I sit here and reflect on some of my poor choices for this week, namely not having researched how to obtain a visa to enter Paraguay BEFORE booking international flights out of said country and instead I now wait here in Argentina longer than I anticipated. I can’t help but feel despite the dramatic ending, that I just LOVE Argentina. It’s the perfect mix of South American culture with great food and… Read More

One could use a large amount of text explaining why you should get your butt to Chile. However, it is much easier if I simply show you. Ten Chilean experiences not to be missed.

Having engaged in very little preparation for my Latin American journey, I would offer a token plan to anyone who asked. ‘I am going to trek the ‘W’ circuit in Patagonia’ I would confidently declare. The reality was however that I had not the faintest clue what was involved. In true ‘Chloe’ style my plan was to rock up unannounced and just get my trek on. I mean, how hard could it… Read More