Coming into my 12th month of consecutive travel has meant I have observed an array of emotions. At times I feel on top of the world and soaring high, whilst other times the thought of moving myself on to the next destination leaves me in actual tears. Sometime during my 8th month of travel I made the ridiculous statement about how I was surprised I wasn’t ‘over it’ yet. Within a week… Read More

It seems I have inadvertently joined a cult. Well, not so much a cult but a movement and it wasn’t until I was well within this movement that I realized I was even a member. In fact, you may have joined without knowing also. Members are generally aged 25 and upwards, have taken the traditional life path for some period of years and now find themselves missing something or starting to question… Read More

I’d like to get one thing straight … travel is not a holiday! I feel that often it is perceived that when you are travelling for extended periods of time that this is the equivalent of going on the world’s longest holiday. Travel is almost like a job. You are constantly planning, learning, adapting and all the while trying to enjoy yourself at the same time. You need to have an awareness… Read More

We all have those days. The ones where you question yourself, your life and the decisions leading up to this very point. The days where you feel low, unsure, confused and disconnected from the world. The days where you look at yourself in the mirror and wonder how on earth you got here. Fortunately for most, those days (or weeks, months) don’t last. A sucker for an inspirational quote, message or outlook;… Read More