A little over 3 years ago as I made my way through the riots in La Paz, Bolivia, I muttered to myself that I despised this country so much I would never return. My last visit to Bolivia introduced me to what I am sure are the worlds rudest people and put simply a filthy country which is out to get you. After having tours cancelled due to killing of locals/tourists in… Read More

On January 1st 2014 as I awoke to a 19 year old German boy draped over me whilst sleeping in a bedbug ridden bed confined in a dirty German hostel I couldn’t help but think…  ‘Holy shit, it can only get better from here right?’ Though 2014 did not start off as I planned and I would like to add that nothing happened with the 19 year child, it did eventuate into… Read More

Those who travel preach it to the world like it’s the next big religion. And I most certainly am more guilty than most. When something so wholeheartedly stimulates the life in you, inspires you and changes your perspective it is natural that you want others to experience the joy that comes with exactly that. The ways in which exploring the world can change you is endless and very individual. For me, it… Read More

They say they you don’t really get to know someone until you travel or live with them. Yet often when planning a trip away, the person (or people) who will accompany us receives very little thought. A good friend or even a best friend does not always translate into a good travel buddy*. The more time I spend on the road, the more horror stories I hear about travel ruining friendships. I… Read More