After stumbling into London after almost a year’s worth of travel, I very quickly summated my feelings into a blog piece and closed the laptop shut. I had every intention of opening it back up and writing, yet I found myself more drawn to the couch and TV remote. A year without simple pleasures had left me absolutely depleted and while my ‘to do’ list went mostly untouched I did manage to… Read More

Today as I strolled along the beach alone talking to myself or more accurately talking to someone who wasn’t there, it occurred to me that I may have finally well and truly lost my marbles. Slightly embarrassed by my actions I would bring my conversation to a low murmur when walking past other people. This conversation was one I had been putting off for a good 18 months. It was part of… Read More

As a general rule I prefer my writing to be positive and uplifting, however there is one time of year I do find this a little challenging. The time of year when there is an intense focus on family and those you love. The time of year where you stop to celebrate the important people in your life and show this through feasts, gifts and time together. Of course, I am talking… Read More