I am not even going to start this piece by pretending I understand this in any way shape or form. Economy, business and law are by no means a strong point of mine. However even if I don’t overly understand the ‘why?’ I most certainly do understand the repercussions for travel… Now is the time to travel in Argentina

As I sit here and reflect on some of my poor choices for this week, namely not having researched how to obtain a visa to enter Paraguay BEFORE booking international flights out of said country and instead I now wait here in Argentina longer than I anticipated. I can’t help but feel despite the dramatic ending, that I just LOVE Argentina. It’s the perfect mix of South American culture with great food and… Read More

Travel pearls of wisdom are not something you hold onto, instead they are better shared with the world. Fellow travelers are an infinite pool of wisdom. Their mistakes, experience and time spent exploring the region you are heading to means that you can simply combine all the highlights and forgo the lowlights to create an effortless experience. Before heading to Mendoza, the infamous wine region of Argentina, I was given some fabulous… Read More