You may have read the title and expected a piece of writing filled with crazy, hilarious, outrageous travel stories. And while I do have my fair share of those, sadly this is not what I shall be discussing today. Sometime in the last 6 months of my 18 month journey living out of a backpack I seem to have gone (now please excuse the French) a little bat-shit-crazy. At first the cause… Read More

It seems I have inadvertently joined a cult. Well, not so much a cult but a movement and it wasn’t until I was well within this movement that I realized I was even a member. In fact, you may have joined without knowing also. Members are generally aged 25 and upwards, have taken the traditional life path for some period of years and now find themselves missing something or starting to question… Read More

Today as I strolled along the beach alone talking to myself or more accurately talking to someone who wasn’t there, it occurred to me that I may have finally well and truly lost my marbles. Slightly embarrassed by my actions I would bring my conversation to a low murmur when walking past other people. This conversation was one I had been putting off for a good 18 months. It was part of… Read More

Travel pearls of wisdom are not something you hold onto, instead they are better shared with the world. Fellow travelers are an infinite pool of wisdom. Their mistakes, experience and time spent exploring the region you are heading to means that you can simply combine all the highlights and forgo the lowlights to create an effortless experience. Before heading to Mendoza, the infamous wine region of Argentina, I was given some fabulous… Read More