After stumbling into London after almost a year’s worth of travel, I very quickly summated my feelings into a blog piece and closed the laptop shut. I had every intention of opening it back up and writing, yet I found myself more drawn to the couch and TV remote. A year without simple pleasures had left me absolutely depleted and while my ‘to do’ list went mostly untouched I did manage to finally reflect upon the whirlwind of events that has been the last 12 months of my life. It had been almost a year since I had set sail and started my blog in the name of pursuing freedom. And while it all looked desirable on paper I quickly realized what the real costs of my ‘freedom’ were. Read More

A year without London

Some ten months ago I was forced to leave my home in London and go in search of a new one. With the whole world to choose from, I found the task a little too overwhelming and opted to roam the world instead. Knowing that eventually I would reach a point of exhaustion and give in to a city somewhere; even though it wouldn’t even begin to compare to London. London to me was my one true love and I felt as though I had been dumped and thrown back into the dating world. Stubborn at heart and not interested in other cities, I had already found what I wanted in London – I didn’t need anything else! So as I returned to London for an extended visit last week I expected to be completely overwhelmed by feelings of nostalgia and general stage 5 clinger obsessive type love. A surprise to no one more than me that this wasn’t the case… Read More

Travel guide to Cuba

Having done no research what-so-ever, I very much fumbled my way through my very first visit to Cuba. I rocked up without so much as an idea as to what the currency was, very late at night with nowhere to stay. Talk about ignorance! In retrospect here are all the things I wish I knew before heading over to Cuba. My next visit will be much more organized safe to say.

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Gone are the days of wandering into a travel agent to book your holiday for you. We now have a wealth of resources right at our finger tips and we are all quickly becoming our very own travel agent. Though if you are new to the self-planning-holiday scene exactly where to begin can be a little daunting. So with this in mind I am offering you the 11 key factors I consider when hunting for the perfect flight price. The following tips will save you thousands of dollars and make that dream holiday a reality. So without further ado I give you my top 11 travel hacks to save you oodles of cash on flights.

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