Your air based journey to and from your destination sets the tone for your holiday. It is important to choose an airline that will not have you missing travel days, wasting your time and/or costing you a small fortune. Unfortunately there are some rather poor airlines around so if you are not in the know, you may be lured in by a cheap price and end up paying for it in poor customer service and delays. There are airlines I swear by and others I genuinely refuse to fly.  Read More

It started with a McChicken.

Well actually … more accurately it started with a psychic.

Either way 365 days ago today, not only to the day, but to the hour I left my home in London in search of a home. I was a mixture of lost and hurt and shocked simply moving through the motions I had been dreading for years. 365 days ago today I rode the tube to Heathrow Airport with the rain pouring down and arrived wet, cold and miserable. 365 days ago today I left with absolutely no idea what the future held with the knowledge that more than anything I wanted to find a home. And that’s the funny thing about a home … sometimes home has a heartbeat.

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I am often asked how many countries I have travelled to in my one year abroad. I find this to be an interesting question because I have never really considered measuring the value of my travels by the number of countries I have been to. Instead I have always preferred to take my time and experience many aspects and cities within a country before I feel I am even close to being in a position to give an opinion. Travelling in many respects is like entering the dating world and perhaps your own travel style reveals more about your dating style than you may have realized. And the same advice can be given for each really … slow it the hell down! Read More

Coming into my 12th month of consecutive travel has meant I have observed an array of emotions. At times I feel on top of the world and soaring high, whilst other times the thought of moving myself on to the next destination leaves me in actual tears. Sometime during my 8th month of travel I made the ridiculous statement about how I was surprised I wasn’t ‘over it’ yet. Within a week of those words leaving my mouth I found myself in a rut that has taken me another 4 months to get out of. Travelling the world had become dragging my feet around the world and today I finally got the proverbial boot up my butt I had been praying for. So what did it take for me to feel gratitude again? Nothing short of spending the day with a survivor of war. Read More

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