Travel itinerary 2015

January: Peru/Bolivia 

February: Argentina 

March – April 12th: Ecuador/Columbia 

April 12th – 19th: Las Vegas 

April 20th – April 26th: Cuba 

April 26th – May 28th: Mexico

May 28th – June 3rd: Spain 

June 3rd – June 11th: Italy 

June 11th – July 12th: England

July 12th – Aug 14th: Eastern Europe (Slovenia -> Bulgaria)

Aug 14th -Aug 25th: Dubai 

Aug 25 – November 2nd: Canada/USA

November 2nd – November 7th: Hawaii 

November 8th: Australia

7 Comments on “Travel itinerary 2015

      • I’m so jealous that you’ve been to Lagos! I have yet to visit the Algarve. Did you visit Sintra just outside of Lisbon? The Aveiro/ Porto area is also really cool. There are also the Azores islands off the coast!

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      • No I never got to Sintra, I wasn’t on my A game when I travelled to Lisbon the first time I really need to go back. Thanks for the recommendations, I will definitely keep them on my radar 😊 x


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