How can you afford not to travel?

I recently checked myself back into reality for a serious dose of normality. I had gotten past the point of dreaming about it, it was all consuming. I needed to rejoin the world in the way an addict needs a hit. All this aside the reality of reentering ‘the real world’ has brought to my attention the sheer costs associated in the world we live in. In just over two weeks in Australia I have spent the same money I spent in six months in South America. Often asked where I am hiding my money tree, naively it is assumed that travelling will choke up your dollars. Well here’s the best reason to pack up and head off if I’ve ever heard one … It is cheaper to travel than to pursue everyday living (A LOT CHEAPER!!)

Firstly let me get one thing straight. When I refer to travelling I am by no means referring to holidaying. Financially these two experiences do not compare. Travelling entails those longer journeys, usually accompanied by a backpack in which you eat, live and speak like a local to the country you are in.

Since my return it has become apparent to me that the world we live in is well, kind of back-to-front. I now need employment to enable me to afford to pay for a car to get to said employment in addition to somewhere to rest for said employment (AKA rent). I now need to fill this abode with many unnecessary things which essentially mean very little to me and to continue to work to pay for these things. Since my return I have had to fork out for a car and subsequent registration and insurance, a phone, rent & bond, furniture, appliances, private health insurance, petrol, broadband, utility bills, car tolls, professional memberships and my goodness does the list go on. And travel has the bad reputation for being expensive?! We need to open our eyes people!

For the last 18 months I have lived with only what I can physically carry. Even then I soon realized what was worth its weight and trimmed the fat of my belongings. I was able to live easily and effortlessly with very little and so naturally my expenses were far below what is required of us in the so called real world. Accommodation for around 10 AUD/night and a similar budget for food per day – you do the math. Could you live your current life off less than $200/week?

How can you afford not to let go of all of these possessions we collect, because the real world makes us greedy consumers? How can you afford not to let go of the stress of the daily grind and live each day as you desire? How can afford not to let go of the endless bills that accompany ownership and free yourself not only financially but emotionally too?

How can you not afford to travel?

TBFree x

3 Comments on “How can you afford not to travel?

  1. Great post – particularly as we approach the annual consumer cash carnival of the December festive season; shops suddenly full of ‘stuff’ and advertisers guilt tripping us into masses of unnecessary purchases way beyond the necessities of life!

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  2. So true. Add the socialising and gifts, birthdays, dressing up, sheer impulse buying because you are bored, it’s a no-brainer. I go away a few weeks every year and live cheaper.

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