9 darn good reasons to get yourself to Argentina now!

As I sit here and reflect on some of my poor choices for this week, namely not having researched how to obtain a visa to enter Paraguay BEFORE booking international flights out of said country and instead I now wait here in Argentina longer than I anticipated. I can’t help but feel despite the dramatic ending, that I just LOVE Argentina. It’s the perfect mix of South American culture with great food and breathtaking landscapes all the while in the comfort and feel of a very European city. It is such a liveable country (the ultimate travel compliment). Though don’t let me try to convince you … let the pictures speak for themselves. Here are 9 darn good reasons to get yourself to Argentina ASAP!

1. Salta … A beyond welcome change from Boliva 


2. Mendoza, for all the Malbec you can handle 

IMG_1211 (1)

3. Bariloche, to just be wowed in general 


4. El Chalten, to realise that you are even more wowed than you were in Bariloche 

IMG_1301 (1)

5. El Calafate, to have a wowgasm whilst kayaking amongst icebergs


6. Ushuaia, to stow away on an Antarctica bound boat (or just find a really sweet last minute deal!) 


7. Buenos Aires, to indulge in steak after steak 


8. Iguazu 


9. Dollar blue… bring in USD to Argentina and get almost double the value of the legal exchange rate. 


TBFree x

6 Comments on “9 darn good reasons to get yourself to Argentina now!

  1. Yes! Great country! And def bring USD! But convert in small amounts and check the notes you get back to avoid getting fake bills.


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