The hidden secrets to exploring Mendoza wine region

Travel pearls of wisdom are not something you hold onto, instead they are better shared with the world. Fellow travelers are an infinite pool of wisdom. Their mistakes, experience and time spent exploring the region you are heading to means that you can simply combine all the highlights and forgo the lowlights to create an effortless experience. Before heading to Mendoza, the infamous wine region of Argentina, I was given some fabulous advice on how best to do the region. This advice took what would have been an average experience to an incredible one. So now I pass on to you, the secret to exploring Mendoza like a pro.

Mendoza region is well known for its wine, particularly of the Malbec variety. It is a hot spot for locals and tourists combined to escape the bigger cities and instead relax with a glass of vino and some local produce. Most will book into accommodation in the city center of Mendoza and commute out to the wineries each day. Prior to my arrival however I was told I must stay in a winery/hostel outside the city center in Maipu area and I of course obeyed without question.

I arrived at Antigua Residencia with moderate expectations and was greeted instead with possibly one of the best hostels I have ever stayed in. Private rooms are converted champagne tanks, the breakfast was extensive and mouthwatering, the location is biking distance to all the wineries in the region and the staff were ever so relaxed and beyond helpful. I later looked to see that it has an almost perfect rating on websites like and I can attest to why. This hostel is heaven!

The low down

  • When visiting the wine region, should you choose to stay in Mendoza City you face a return bus/taxi trip each day to head out to the wineries. Instead stay in area like Maipu where the wineries reside
  • I highly recommend Antigua Residencia (in Maipu) which has the feel of a fancy winery with the price tag of a hostel. For roughly 175 pesos/night this place is an absolute steal
  • Bike through Maipu and visit the as many wineries as your heart desires. Bikes will quickly and easily be organized by the hostel.
  • Cost for tastings is on average 35 pesos (roughly 3USD)
  • Bus out to Maipu on the number 171, 172, 173 from the main bus terminal. Or alternatively a taxi will set you back around 120-180 pesos

After 3 days of feasting and wine consumption, I had spent a total of 35 USD/day including accommodation. With the blue dollar, visiting Mendoza region is an absolute steal and treat for a backpacker who wants to feel like a holiday maker for a few heavenly days.

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