5 ways to feel sexy while travelling

A travelling lifestyle is so easily romanticized as one which is luxurious or glamourous. Even I get caught up fantasizing about golden beach days, flitting across the beach in my designer bikini well-manicured and a much fitter form of myself. But the reality is that the travelling lifestyle is about as unglamorous as it gets. Days without showers, the bare minimum beauty products (if any at all!), persistent issues requiring the banos and clothes which have been worn more times than I can bare to think about and of which are very seldom washed. Not to mention the more relaxed fashion of the traveler in which loose fitting clothes help us to forget that everything has now taken a much rounder, softer form. If anything, travelling is the time where you well and truly let yourself go. Your friends and family may comment about how ‘happy you look’ but what they really don’t know is just how filthy you are under that big cheesy smile. So alas, I have put together 5 ways in which us ladies can feel a little less offensive and instead like the beauties we really are.

1. Wear sexy underwear 

This should be in my opinion a general life rule, however it is my golden rule especially while travelling. Only wear underwear that makes you feel sexy under your travelling hobo attire. No one else needs to know that it’s there, but you (and I) will… and that’s all that counts.

2. Buy travel jewellery as souvenirs  

Souvenirs. We all feel a little need to pick up something nostalgic from our travels however they more often than not take up excessive space and are of no use or interest once you get home. Instead purchase travel jewelry to remember your favorite countries by. You can find both cheap and pricier versions, suiting all budgets. Consider a local stone or symbol which has significance to make the piece that extra bit special.

3. Hats hide all 

Hats simply put, the travelling female’s best friend. Not only do they protect the precious skin on our face from the sun keeping us youthful BUT they take a not so glamorous outfit and el natural hairstyle and turn you into someone fit for the red carpet. Teamed up with a pair of sunglasses and no one will ever know you rolled out of bed and threw the same clothes on you have been wearing all week. Pure genius.

4. Treat yourself 

No matter what your budget is, there are some parts of the body that if not maintained almost take priority over food. Hiking, walking and excessive time in flip flops means that the poor feet especially take a real beating (I currently have lost both my big toe nails). A pedicure every now and then to tidy up the mess that travel has made can make all the world of difference. And let’s be honest, there’s nothing worse than manky feet to make a girl feel unsexy.

5. You need one unnecessary item in your pack

Bring one item of which is one of your all time faves that makes you feel damn good about yourself. It might not be practical, it might take up precious space and it might be slightly out of place but having your one go to piece to make you feel sexy as all hell, is of course worth the extra weight. My naughty non-essential is a pair of small heels. Which granted don’t get much use, but are totally worth it when they do!

TBfree x

11 Comments on “5 ways to feel sexy while travelling

  1. I totally agree with 1, Traveling or not I never wear jewelry; instead of hats I opted for a really short haircut ( and I’m sure it makes me look sexy!); I try to do 4 as often as posible ; 5…. Never really thought about it but I might from now on…


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  3. I have only just found your blog today and oh my gosh i am in love!! Your journey over the last couple of years sounds incredible and I am so insanely jealous! love reading your thoughts and hearing about your journey!

    and feeling sexy whilst travelling! genius!


    Liked by 1 person

  4. I wish I read this before my trip to Europe a couple years ago. I was in Amsterdam. My hair hadn’t been washed for at least a week and I was wearing the same clothes almost every day. I felt free, indeed…. but, DIRTY! Haha!

    Liked by 1 person

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