My top 14 of 2014

On January 1st 2014 as I awoke to a 19 year old German boy draped over me whilst sleeping in a bedbug ridden bed confined in a dirty German hostel I couldn’t help but think…  ‘Holy shit, it can only get better from here right?’

Though 2014 did not start off as I planned and I would like to add that nothing happened with the 19 year child, it did eventuate into one of my biggest years yet. So without further ado I bring you my top 14 moments of 2014.

1. Witnessed the Northern Lights, Iceland 


2. Learnt how to camp … and camped for 5 days in Patagonia, Chile 


3. I lived my final 8 months in my beloved London


4. Paraglided over Oludeniz, Turkey 10458544_10152373882828740_3808744646365465079_n

5. I fell inlove with Dubai … top candidate for my next home 


6. Started a blog … You may of heard of it 😉 

7. Climbed an active volcano and saw snow for the first time! 


8. Trained at the infamous Body & Pole studio, NYC 


9. Hot air ballooned over Cappadocia, Turkey 


10. After over 2 years, I visited Melbourne and all my beloved friends 


11. I lived in Peru 


12. I went to my very first wedding (as a guest) with the hottest date going round 


13. I learnt another language 


And last but certainly not least …

14. I joined the mile high club with the rather attractive stranger sat next to me … You only live once! 

I’d love to hear your top moments of 2014

TBFree xx

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