Travel. It will restore your faith in mankind

Those who travel preach it to the world like it’s the next big religion. And I most certainly am more guilty than most. When something so wholeheartedly stimulates the life in you, inspires you and changes your perspective it is natural that you want others to experience the joy that comes with exactly that. The ways in which exploring the world can change you is endless and very individual. For me, it has single handedly restored my faith in mankind.

Throughout life we continue to grow and develop our sense of self. There is no end point. We are never static beings but ever changing and the more we expose ourselves to experiences which challenge us, the more we go through periods of growth. Those challenges can be positive experiences such as travel, new jobs, starting a family, education – you name it. Equally those challenges can be negative in form of loss, death, sickness and everything in between. If you reflect upon your life to date you will see that those times which really pushed you, possibly past what you thought you were capable of, were the times that you experienced the most personal growth. We simply rise to the challenge and in many cases we come out better for it (even if you cannot see this now).

I would love to say that the reason I originally set off to travel was purely to experience the world. However this is not the case. I was escaping and running at top pace desperately trying to prevent myself from becoming the person I could see myself becoming. In my most immediate environment I was surrounded by particularly negative and for lack of a better term, soul destroying individuals. The only life I had ever known was one of hatred, anger, abuse, isolation, rejection and pain. I was a person who trusted no one, who believed that everyone would eventually let you down and that life was a battle that just needed to be endured. And when you live in a world like this you cannot see the good, because you are too busy just trying to survive.

Some two and a half years later the person I am internally is almost unrecognizable. Through no other reason that I have met hundreds upon hundreds of people who have continued to prove me wrong. Strangers who have shown me more kindness than I ever knew or had come to expect was possible. I have been housed, fed, clothed, employed and more importantly supported by strangers who wanted to do this for no other reason than simply kindness in their heart. And those strangers are no longer strangers but my vast network of worldwide friendships and I am truly grateful for every last encounter.

When travelling, you are far removed from your normal environment of comforts. Everything is foreign as is everyone around you. When you meet others who are travelling, together you share an almost unsaid agreement that you will assist one another in any way that you can. It is a beautiful thing. What resonates within you is that natural instinct to simply be kind to everyone that you meet, resulting in attracting more kindness from those around you. Is travel the only way to experience kindness from others? Of course not. But for me personally, it took the kindness of strangers for me to not only be able to see but accept the kindness available to me from the amazing friendships I already had. My life catapulted forward into a realm of happiness I never thought would be possible for me, and I have travel to thank.

So the next time you wonder why another person you meet is trying to convert you to ‘travel’, understand it is because that person simply wants for you, the happiness they found for themselves.

TBFree x

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