A plan to have no plan (What do you mean you have NO plans?!)

Whilst proclaiming I have bought a one-way flight to another continent, I have been inundated with the same questions. How long are you going for? Will you work? Will you volunteer? Who are you travelling with?

… What are your PLANS??!!

This is has got me thinking, why are we obsessed with having a ‘plan’? In life, we very seldom just set off and see where the universe takes us. Instead we make ‘plans’ which often results in us madly pushing ourselves down the wrong path. If we don’t have some sort of a ‘plan’ we can appear to have a lack of focus and drive or inherently be lost. These traits are considered negative and are often frowned upon.

Unfortunately the time in which a life decision needs to be made, does not always coincide with the time you are ready to make such a choice. The biggest example that comes to mind is when you are finishing high school and are supposed to know at the tender age of 17 what you want to do with your life. Will you go to University? What will you study? In fact, you probably needed to be sure of your path earlier on to ensure you studied the prerequisite subjects to get into your chosen degree. At a time where you have very limited life experience you are supposed to start making the decisions which can ultimately affect the rest of your life. This whole idea of needing to know your ‘plan’ is in my opinion utter madness. We are society preoccupied with trying to be in control of life, instead of allowing life to inspire our direction.

“We are a society preoccupied with trying to be in control of life, instead of allowing life to inspire our direction”

At this point in my life, I am at a crossroads. I can no longer live in the country I wish to live in and I do not want to live in the country I am a citizen of. And for the first time, I am choosing the road less travelled. I am allowing life to guide me to the next city I will reside. For I accept that I am not ready or even willing to make the choice myself. I am getting onto a one-way flight to South America a continent I adore, completely open to every experience. I have made the plan, to have absolutely no plans what-so-ever and trust that I will end up exactly where I am meant to. To say I feel liberated, would be a blatant understatement!

I am strong believer in happiness and passion as your main motivation in life. Find your passion and the rest will follow. So now I am posing the question to you … is there some aspect of your life that could be lived with more passion and happiness? Do you love your job? Are you with the right partner? Do you have dreams that you continue to postpone? When was the last time you had a decent holiday? Are you living your life to its fullest potential?

If like me, you didn’t like your answer to those questions. I encourage you to make a change. Take a leap of faith and do something for no other reason than it brings you sheer joy. Forgot about whether you have discovered what your life’s calling is yet and instead focus on experiencing as much of life as you can. I assure you, the rest will follow.

55 Comments on “A plan to have no plan (What do you mean you have NO plans?!)

  1. Beautiful, wonderful post. I completely agree, plans and lists have their place, but listening to the universe’s larger plan for you can be just as powerful, if not more. Good luck on your path of life and I know that you will find the way. Thank you again for this post!

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  2. Good luck, hope you find your destiny! I too am at crossroads, hope get out of it! An inspiring post, will keep this in mind.


  3. During all my travels, the only pre planning I ever do is to get visa’s if I need them. Apart from that, I arrive, free as a bird.
    Enjoy wherever you go in South America, a continent I also love.

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  4. These are words that we should all live by. Happiness and passion should drive us all. At my saddest point in life, I was unhappy with my surroundings and, most of all, with myself. Once I realized that I had to love myself first, before any light could come my way, everything began to change. I let go of everything that was bringing me down and, soon enough, I was free … and happy.

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  6. You just stopped my heart mid-beat! Read my mind and dug deep. Thank you for writing this. I believe too many of us are failing to serve our ourselves and reach our full potential, uncover hidden talents and subsequently better serve others. Best wishes on your life’s journey!

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  7. I am the same way! Moved to Ireland in January of this year telling myself… I’d make a great life and achieve a goal I had. Had no idea how I would do it or what I would end up doing and it’s been the best year of my life. Nice to see this sentiment written down for people to read. Life is meant to be lived. If you aren’t happy then you aren’t doing it right- that’s what I think anyway. Thanks for sharing!

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  8. I have heard an Aesop’s fable from my Dad during my childhood and it has stayed with me that you need to carry a lantern with light which can illuminate 10 feet in front of you.As you move on your light also will move on to the path you are walking.So don’t worry …have a great time ahead.:-)

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  9. Reblogged this on Mindless Crazy Ramblings and commented:
    This is very fun to read! And even though this post meant well, I slightly disagree on not actually making any plan with your life.

    First and foremost, I like a well-thought plan but I also happen to be a spontaneous impulsive individual that whatever strikes me at the moment, I shall do it or I will be a bit depressed or disappointed if I didn’t do anything about it. So, I just want to warn you that I may be biased but this is really my opinion on the matter.

    Plans are meant to guide you. You don’t make them because of work but to construct your life; your ideal life, with what you want to achieve and further do with your life.

    I believe that planning is the process of paving a better road for your future.

    Generally speaking, planning about our life’s course is subjective to many factors that we seldom notice that by making choices we are cementing one saving-point in the whole picture of our life’s plan.

    I think planning is necessary, especially on the lives of people aged 30 and below. I think it is the phase where we try our hardest to have a fulfilling job, huge income, create more connections, forcefully try to enjoy life and start to visualize where we really want to be by the time we grow old.

    This article comes to me that it is meant for people with a stable lifestyle, something all of us are aiming for.

    What I really like about this is that it points out that in our life, we will realize the need to be free to do the things we really, really enjoy because by then we feel the stability and security that whatever we will do is for our own self towards happiness.


  10. Sometimes you end up with no plans because of other circumstances (loss of a life partner or spouse, loss of a job, loss of all your possessions due to a natural disaster). While I would love to not have any plans, in those circumstances, no plan can mean no food, no shelter, no support structure and that is a very frightening place to be.


  11. You are a brave lady and I salute your courage. I’ve never been to South America but my best friend has been to Peru three times to go on horse treks up into the mountains which she loves. I hope you find something that you love as much. Best of luck!

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  12. I totally agree with this ♡ I am the type of person who likes to go with the flow & follow my heart, I find that the best plan for me is no plan at all & that has helped me tremendously with reaching my goals.

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  13. Great blog!
    I remember when I travelled to Australia in 2001. I went for a year but I had no plans. I arrived in Darwin and headed south, knowing that all my experiences for that year were down the Stuart Highway. It was a great feeling of freedom.
    I hope you have a great time in South America!

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  14. Reblogged this on Your Inner Art and commented:
    This blog really got me thinking. I fall into the category of trying to be in control of life. I have expectations and plans and to do lists. When I am not doing something on that list – I judge myself. When I’m not positive and cheery – I judge myself. When I don’t live up to my plans and expectations I get anxious and fearful. Am I enough without plans and to do lists to measure myself with? I’ve had a few very negative days lately and all I want is to nap and eat pizza. I immediately get scared about falling into depression and loosing myself. As soon as I talked to someone and admitted that I get down and I don’t always have the energy to be miss sunshine. Just because I have down times doesn’t mean I’m going to get stuck in the muck and stay there. I am learning to honor my body and feelings so I am going to listen to myself. I faced my depression and asked it what I can learn. The lesson is to love myself even if I don’t act the way I expect. Throw away my expectations. Expectations are rules/plans we gather to make us feel like we matter. It’s our personal dogma to make us feel like we’ve accomplished something. I’m going to do some more meditating on expectations. I’m being led to lay mine down and let life inspire my direction. Ooooh, that feels scary so it’s the right thing to do.


  15. Best of the energies for ya! I know how you feel, thats why I wish you the best of the energies in your trip to South America, and also to be carefull, I know because I live there, in Cali. Colombia. take care!

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  16. I am with you 100% ! I will be moving to another continent when I graduate and everyone is so concerned with my plan. And truthfully there is no plan other than to buy a one way ticket. Thank you for your motivational post. Best of luck!!!

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  17. It’s amazing how life, or the universe, or maybe just the small things you notice when focused enough, sends your way exactly what you need at the right time. I checked my email today after feeling down and seriously pondering the idea of leaving University. It is not that I lack focus or direction, it is that I’ve felt forced into university ever since I graduated from TAFE (a form of further education after high school but before university in Australia). I know what I want to be, and that is a writer, but everyone around me says you need to have a plan; a ‘real’ plan. You need to be studying to achieve something actual.

    I ask this: Why?

    Many individuals who have gone on to become successful and content authors didn’t need to study at university to achieve their goal of being a writer and releasing their imagination out into the world.

    Sometimes stepping out of our comfort zone; living this notion of ‘not having a plan’; and just living life to the fullest can be the greatest thing we’ve done. I want to experience life as it really is. I’m 22 and have barely done this at all. I’ve never travelled outside of Australia, I’ve only ever really studied for most of my life (though I have had significant academic success in this area), I work a menial job that is purely a means-to-an-end for me, and my last proper holiday was in 1999.

    Perhaps something like this would be the best thing for me? Going on without a plan for once and seeing where this grand adventure we call ‘life’ takes me.

    I just wanted to say thank you for this post. I found it at the moment I needed it most, and I didn’t even know what ‘it’ was.


    • I so enjoyed reading your comment. I can relate to everything you have said about pressure to pursue a ‘real’ plan. In my experience, people often ignore those desires and go for the acceptable career path, find themselves miserable later in life and only when they have enough life experience to know that they should just follow their heart do they then pursue that dream they pushed away all along. If you know what you want, go for it! Don’t waste your time pursuing something that isn’t your passion for the sake of it. Go forth, experience the world and write all about it 🙂


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