After almost four years abroad I now find myself settling back into normal life. I have returned to my home city with what would appear on the surface as a very good attempt at re-entering society. I now find myself gainfully employed, I now own a car and hey I even have all my things nicely unpacked into a rental. I mean I almost fool myself into thinking that I am one of the masses. And honestly how I wish this was true. However coming back to where you started, is not the same as never leaving. I don’t just slot back from whence I once came. I have grown, evolved and progressed in more ways than I can measure. And so too has the environment I once existed in. Everything is exactly the same and completely different all at once. Each emotion wrapped in its opposing feeling … and I think this is what’s known as the post-holiday blues. Not a sadness from leaving a place, but in no longer belonging where you once existed. Read More

I recently checked myself back into reality for a serious dose of normality. I had gotten past the point of dreaming about it, it was all consuming. I needed to rejoin the world in the way an addict needs a hit. All this aside the reality of reentering ‘the real world’ has brought to my attention the sheer costs associated in the world we live in. In just over two weeks in Australia I have spent the same money I spent in six months in South America. Often asked where I am hiding my money tree, naively it is assumed that travelling will choke up your dollars. Well here’s the best reason to pack up and head off if I’ve ever heard one … It is cheaper to travel than to pursue everyday living (A LOT CHEAPER!!) Read More

I am very commonly misjudged as a person with little fears. I mean, after all, surely someone who can backpack the world on her lonesome must be tough as nails. And my goodness do I wish that was the case. However you may be surprised to learn that I am actually more fearful than most people I know. I am scared of heights, air-planes, fast speeds, hiking (yes, I have actually cried hiking I was so scared), most animals, motorcycles, anything with a free-fall and well … a whole bunch of others too embarrassing to list. Put simply I am absolutely chicken sh*t. I do however make it my duty not to let these fears inhibit my life in any way. So when asked to go on a motorbike ride through the mountains surrounding Seattle, naturally I accepted … completely terrified. Read More

You may have read the title and expected a piece of writing filled with crazy, hilarious, outrageous travel stories. And while I do have my fair share of those, sadly this is not what I shall be discussing today. Sometime in the last 6 months of my 18 month journey living out of a backpack I seem to have gone (now please excuse the French) a little bat-shit-crazy. At first the cause was a mystery to me … I am travelling the world, I should be the happiest person alive. However what I have in fact learnt is that you can definitely have far too much of a good thing. So here I stand, some 547 days into my wondrous journey around the world and into myself only to find I have gone completely bonkers. Read More

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